Autonomous manufacturing for the rest of us.

At Cohesive Robotics, we are transforming how automation can be applied to high-mix operations. By leveraging sensors and AI, our systems eliminate the need for time-consuming robot reprogramming. Our flexible systems can support low volumes down to lot size 1. That means keeping your production running and flexible for whatever needs come up next.

Whether you’re looking to address supply chain issues, fill a labor gap, or offer more product customizations - we have your back.


And these are
our principles

We believe in taking a full systems-based approach in developing and delivering solutions to our customers. We know how difficult it can be to successfully integrate complex robotics into existing operations, especially processes that have been traditionally performed manually.

Small Business DNA

We're passionate about making advanced automation available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

No Process Left Behind

We have a heritage in metal fabrication and finishing, and it's an incredibly important manufacturing area that has lagged in adequate automation solutions for high-mix production.

Emerging Tech For Your Competitive Edge

We embrace the use of sensors, vision and AI to tackle  operations where traditional programming is not feasible.


With a background from top robotics universities, our team members have gone on to deploy automation solutions at leading organizations

industry partners

Our collaborations help propel the industry forward

LET’S get automating!

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