Robotic Polishing Applications


Remove surface scratches, Achieve that desired finish

Polishing is a difficult process to consistently get right. From brass to stainless steel, stone to composites, each material and desired finish requires finesse and the right application of force, speed and abrasive media.

In non-automated setups, operators and quality control personnel must rely on visual inspections. It’s a tedious process that can lead to rework, unnecessary scrap, and unhappy customers.

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The newest addition to your manufacturing floor

Our Smart Finishing Robotic Workcell systems include the option of a Polishing Finishing Kit to automate your polishing processes:

Precise force and speed applied to parts for more consistent output

Extend abrasive life and reduce usage by 30% or more

Boost your production capacity and reduce rework costs


We support a range of polishing finishes & buffing

The Smart Finishing Robotic Workcell features a Polishing Finishing Kit option that includes the hardware, tooling, and our proprietary AI software to perform a range of finishes to meet your production needs. Common applications include:


Polish and buff up to high-gloss mirror finish, such as with No. 8 on stainless steel.

Brushed Satin

Directional finishes such as No. 3 and No. 4 on stainless steel, or M30 on aluminum.

Food Grade Compliance

Surface roughness requirements to meet USDA compliance, such as No. 4A on stainless steel.

Perfect For These Product Categories

  • Airplane wings and other parts
  • Facades
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Miscellaneous fabrications
  • Musical instruments
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • Transportation equipment
  • Trucking components
  • Wind turbine parts
and more ...
LET’S get automating!

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Frequent Questions About Robotic Polishing

What is robotic polishing?

Robotic polishing consists of an industrial or collaborative robot arm with an abrasive tool end effector attachment to perform a variety of common finishing applications on parts. Due to the importance of contact force and tool movement speed, a force control approach is often used for the best quality output.

What are the benefits of robotic polishing and buffing?

When performed manually, polishing and buffing operations can be hazardous to employee health, especially without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This can include long-term effects due to dust inhalation and vibrational impact. Robotic polishing protects workers from these hazards while offering more consistent quality, higher production output levels, and more predictable adhesives usage.

Can I automate polishing in my high-mix production environment?

Definitely! Our Smart Finishing Robotic Workcell is designed with the high-mix manufacturer in mind. Our integrated vision system and proprietary AI software scans, understands, and automatically programs and operates the robot for whatever part, or batch of parts, is present.