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Easily add robotics to your high-mix sanding, grinding, polishing operations and more!


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Whether it's labor challenges, reshoring, or market demands, our solutions help you stay prepared for whatever comes your way next.

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Address labor shortages and repurpose your team for higher-value and safer tasks.

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Every shop is different. Our systems easily adapt and integrate into workflows without costly engineering work.

No Robot Programming

We use sensors, AI and available CAD data to avoid time-consuming robot programming and upfront setup. Handle high-mix production with ease.

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Our robot-as-a-service plan helps you avoid CapEx costs while being able to scale operations as needed.

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Smarter finishing is finally here

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Address the finishing bottleneck

Finishing operations are critical to getting product out the door. Repurpose your talented team to higher-value tasks and let our systems handle the Tedious, Dirty, and Dangerous.

Worker cleaning up surface of metalwork
Polishing & Buffing

Meet ASTM and other standards, protect against particulate exposure.

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Worker performing grinding operation on metal pieces

Clean weld seams and other joints for a top-notch assembly.

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Worker sanding a metal surface.
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Prepare surfaces for additional treatment and coatings.

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Tool deburring a metal plate

Clean sharp edges after machined or laser cutting processes.

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Worker spraying structural steel beams with paint primer

Accurately apply powders, liquid paints, or abrasive media.

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Worker measuring a manufactured item

Constantly monitor finishing quality and flag issues for operator intervention.

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How It Works

Our Smart Finishing™ Robotic Workcell integrates advanced sensors and cameras with popular industrial and collaborative robot arm OEMs to deliver a turnkey, pre-engineered surface finishing solution in high-mix operations.

Select desired finishing process and details. For example, specify a Stainless Steel No. 4 polish finish.

Our system uses integrated cameras and other sensors to scan the workpiece. We'll use available CAD models for additional matching.

Using the sensor data and model, the robot automatically plans a robot motion and finishing process path. No programming required!

Robot executes the finishing process and uses sensors to monitor progress. No babysitting, freeing up operators for other tasks.

Diagram of three steps in the Cohesive Robotics autonomous system
SUPPORTing your needs


Finishing processes can be found in nearly every industry, each with their own requirements and operational details. Easily integrate our systems or contact us to discuss customization options.

Metal Fabrication
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Designed for high-mix manufacturing and fabricators

Our technology eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming robot programming to support low-volume production. Small business without an in-house automation team? We've got you.

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